Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catching Up

Since it has been about 10 months since my last post, there is no possible way I could try and "catch up" in 1 post!  But here are a few things that are going on now, and coming up.

Graison is playing football for Rocky Mountain Grizzlies.  They are doing great this season, having their first loss last week.  He plays Defensive End, #59, and I absolutely LOVE watching him play.  He is such a great young man, and I am amazed at the unselfishness and  love that he shows his family.  

Baylee is loving high school.  She is waiting to try out for the lacrosse team here at Rocky.  I have to admit, when she first told me this I wasn't the biggest supporter.  But after letting it sink in, I want her to try everything she wants.  Lacrosse is a totally different sport for us, but I think it would be fun to watch her.  

Jackson is still keeping us on our toes.  He is a little monster, yet we wouldn't know what to do without him.  He is quick to pick up on things we say, and remembers things instantly.  He can count to 10, sing Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy spider.  Loves to say "you're kidding me" which makes us all laugh.

We have a busy few months coming up.  Baylee turns 15, Jackson turns 2, we are trying to get plans together to go Home (Missouri) for Christmas, and moving in about a month!  

Ok, think this is pretty much the high points over the last little bit.  I know I missed tons of things, but hopefully I will get better at this blog thing!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just love this....wish I could print it out and carry it with me so I can pull it out and read it through out the day/week/month.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baseball Season

As you all know, we are HUGE baseball fans.  From little league to the St. Louis Cardinals.  So it's only fitting that Graison tried out and made the Freshman baseball team for Rocky Mountain.  We have had some insane baseball weather...back in Missouri baseball season consisted of melting off 5 pounds every game you sat through.  Here so far this season we have had thunderstorms....snow storms...50mph winds...and maybe a sunny day thrown in.
I have absolutely loved watching "Dub" play this year.  I am so proud of him for putting in the hard work and effort the months before tryouts were even starting.  He showed the coaches that he was committed and serious about playing.  He has become a pretty awesome young man.
So thanks to my are a few pictures of Graison's season....